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      Wausaukee tornado cleanup underway

      To say Friday's tornado in Wausaukee, Wisconsin was unexpected is an understatement.

      "Initially it looked like a standard thunderstorm and then the wind picked up, the lightning picked up, and it was upon us within minutes," said Marinette Emergency Manager Eric Burmeister.

      The storm was later classified as an EF-1 tornado meaning winds were in excess of 85 miles per hour. Burmeister said it was on the ground for seven miles with the hardest hit area being only a few hundred yards from the Wausaukee School District.

      One person was killed during the tornado, 43-year-old Douglas Brem, whose mobile home collapsed with him inside. Brem is a former Gwinn resident who recently moved to the Wausaukee area.

      Others, like Dave Kruger, are lucky to only be dealing with property damage. He was on his way home Friday evening.

      "I was coming up the driveway when the storm hit. It was just a big roar and there was so much hail hitting my windshield, and my truck started sliding sideways, and another tree came down in front of me, said Kruger. I've never been in something like this before."

      Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker toured the damaged area Sunday, and residents and county officials alike are continuing the cleanup effort.

      While there is thousands of dollars in damage and plenty work to be done, Kruger knows it could have been much worse.

      "We just thank God that nobody was here and the house is still here, he said. Three-hundred feet below me on the bottom of the hill is where [Brem] perished."