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      We have FinnFest, too!

      It seems that Houghton County has been getting all the attention lately for FinnFest. So it may be easy to forget there is strong Finnish heritage all over the Upper Peninsula.

      With so many people passing through Baraga County because of FinnFest, the county decided to showcase their own area.

      The village of L'Anse had their own FinnFest, called the Free-For-All Festival, at the Meadowbrook Arena on Main Street.

      "We have quite a few vendors, over fifty vendors. Music all day. We're bringing in a band tonight at six o'clock from New York State who is playing. We brought in a dance floor, because if you have a good dance band, you have to have a good dance floor," said Debbie Stouffer, Chair for the Baraga County FinnFest Committee.

      In addition to all of the festivities, the day ended with a fish fry and a bonfire.

      The VFW Committee even sold homemade pasties and Finnish flags as a fundraiser all day.

      "We're selling a lot of Finnish flags. We've sold hundreds and hundreds of Finnish flags, all over the area. If you see blue and white, we've even got it all over our flowers in town. L'Anse is all decorated for all year-long for Finns," said Steve Koski, volunteer for the festival.

      The committee plans to make the Free-For-All Festival an annual event.