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      Weather can affect sleep

      For some, it's never easy to fall asleep at night. And unfortunately, the weather can have a huge impact on if and when you fall asleep.

      The weather can even affect your quality of sleep.

      Charlene says she can't even sleep in her bed when it's hot and humid outside.

      "Usually I sleep on the couch, and about 3 or 4 O'clock in the morning, when it's kind of cool, I'll head myself on to bed. And sometimes covers off, sometimes covers on," said Charlene Gonzalez, a Negaunee resident.

      When the humidity level is high, sweat cannot evaporate off the skin, making you feel sticky. So how can you avoid this feeling?

      "Eat less. Don't eat a big meal within four hours of going to bed because your body is going to be metabolizing that and has to get rid of extra heat and energy. Even though our bodies are pretty efficient, we do generate heat after we eat," said Dr. Arthur Saari, a Sleep Medicine, Pulmonary & Critical Care doctor for Marquette General Hospital.

      Keeping your sleep environment cooler by keeping the windows open or a fan going, or even an air conditioner, is another way to ensure you'll be able to sleep.

      Doctors say keeping windows open and blinds and curtains shut during the day can help keep cooler air circulating around the home. Once the sun goes down for the night, open blinds and curtains, but still keep windows open for a breeze to flow in.

      "Cooler weather generally favors sleep enhancement. Our body temperature drops at night when we go to sleep. And during the cooler season in the year, people do tend to sleep somewhat better," Dr.Saari said.

      Air conditioners are wonderful to have, but here in the U.P., they aren't as common because of our long and chilly winters.

      Electric fans are another option to keep you cool and dry during the hot and humid nights of summer.