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      Wedding Planning: What you need to know, Part One

      Bride to be Kelli Frazier just got engaged in the middle of March.

      And she's planning her wedding for September 21st, 2013.

      But the laid-back bride says she's not worried.

      Fraizer said,"It really honestly hasn't been that hard, surprisingly. Because, everyone thinks I'm crazy for doing it this quick, but everything so far has been going really smoothly."

      Kelli says she has already picked out her colors, dress, the bridal party's attire, and her venues.

      Fraizer said,"A really light blue with a gray and silver look. The groomsmen are wearing gray tuxes and probably going to put some type of silver in it, and the girls are all light blue dresses."

      According to wedding planners, there are five top to-dos: The venues, a caterer, a florist, a photographer, and a DJ or musicians.

      When looking for vendors, check for availability and price.

      Popular vendors will fill up fast, so if you have your heart set on a certain one, make sure to book them immediately.

      Knots & Kisses Wedding Planner Sarah Balding said,"Always check references. In Marquette it's very easy, because it's a small town and you can actually hear word of mouth who people like better than other people."

      Vendors want to work with you, so if you really want a vendor, but they are out of your price range, ask if they can work within your budget.

      When booking a photographer, find one who will work with you and your personality.

      Co-Owner of Wren Photography Jennifer Tucker said,"She should be looking for somebody that fits her style. There are so many different photographers that have different looks, so some might be more traditional, some might be more artistic, just someone that fits her style."