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      Wedding Planning: What you need to know, Part two

      Kelli Frazier is a bride to be with grand visions for her September wedding.

      And she says she's not stressed at all, thanks to her support system and strategic planning.

      Frazier said,"I guess the biggest issue is trying to get all the quotes and exactly how much everything will be, and then go from there, seeing if we need to cut things out or if we can go bigger and get more things."

      Kelli says she has most of her wedding vendors figured out, however, she's still in need of music.

      Bill Digneit, Co-Owner/Operator of Double Trouble Dj's, said,"You really want to look for the person that's going to best fit what you need for your evening. And going cheap with the Ipod and the speakers, sometimes is not the way to go if you can afford it. Because you really do want to have someone that's going to craft the evening and guide you through it."

      As for a honeymoon, Kelli says that part is still in the works.

      Frazier said,"We haven't really gotten that far yet. He would like to do it not long after, but we also have a family trip planned."

      Kelli found her dream dress, and still has some fittings to attend to make it perfect.

      Nicole Corne, Co-Owner/Operator of Knots and Kisses Wedding and Event Planning, said,"Make sure you're comfortable. Make sure you can lift your arms up so that you know if you're hugging your 6'5" uncle, you're not going to rip the seams of your dress. Go ahead, dance around in it, twist around in the dress, make sure it's something that you want to spend all day in."

      One of the most important things that brides don't think about? Shoes.

      Girls, you need to break in your shoes, because otherwise, you'll be covered in blisters the next day.

      Afterall, You're stepping into your new life with your other half.