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      Weekend snows blanket Alger County

      The weekend's lake effect snow in Alger County had the road commission working a little overtime Monday.

      More than six inches of the white stuff has fallen near Munising. Driving along M-28, motorists saw whiteout conditions at times. Crews from the road commission are working around the clock to keep the roads plowed and as safe as possible for motorists.

      "During a storm event, lake effect snowfall, we continue to plow throughout the storm. In many cases we're not able to put down salt until that storm ends. When we can maintain a bare pavement in light snowfall, we do, but people should slow down and pay attention to leave a little more room for stopping," said Rob Lindbeck of the Alger County Road Commission.

      The commission is also trying to keep a level of service while facing challenges. The cost of salt has increased over the past year, and so far they've used more than 450 tons of it.