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      Weigh-to-Go challenge preparations begin

      The YMCA in Iron Mountain is getting ready for their annual â??Weigh-to-Goâ?? challenge that kicks off next week. The third annual "Weigh-to-Go" takes place next Thursday, January 30, at Bay College in Iron Mountain. People can register there for the event that seeks to promote weight loss and wellness. Throughout the challenge, participants can win tickets for cash prizes based on their weight loss activity, class participation, and wellness updates.

      â??Individuals can sign-up and you're put on a team with one of the six trainers,â?? said Karen Pollock, event coordinator. â??The trainer works with you once a week. Weâ??re offering seven free classes to try out any of the classes at the 'Yâ??; also, seven education classes including nutrition, sleep, and mental health.â??

      Participants will receive a pedometer that will increase their winning chances depending on miles traveled. The challenge ends on March 24, when final results will be entered. You can visit the Northern Lights YMCA Facebook page here for more information on the event.

      First Place: $500

      Second Place: $300

      Third Place: $200