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      Weight loss challenge offers big prize

      It's still not too late to reach your New Year's resolution to lose weight.

      The YMCA in Escanaba has a new program called 150 Days to Wellness. You can register your two-person team and compete to win a first place prize of $1,000.

      Husband and wife team, Jesse and Tiffany Huff, are participants in the 150 Days to Wellness challenge. Their goal is to lose 50 pounds each. The challenge is also a way for them to inspire others.

      â??We want to set a good example for our children,â?? explains Jesse Huff. â??They're very active as they are right now as young ones. We want to make sure that continues as they progress and as they get older."

      Over 100 participants are working with personal trainers who offer weekly advice, inspiration, and coaching.

      â??My goal, at first, is to help make them feel more secure,â?? says Amy Racine, the Health and Wellness Director. â??I also want to help make them feel more comfortable. Once they get here, my goal is to keep them motivated to let them know that we're all in the same boat. You know, even though Iâ??m a personal trainer and I exercise, I still have my days."

      Tiffany Huff says having such a great team is very motivating for her.

      â??Now, it's the winter months,â?? says Tiffany Huff. â??We're in the middle of it. And we're just going to have to get each other going and get here as often as we can. And this program is going to be our accountability group with our personal trainers and with our groups to keep us going."

      The groups will be set up in a larger group of 10 to 14 people who'll work with one trainer. The program is open to members of the general public. And don't be discouraged if you don't have a partner to sign up with. Officials can always find another participant to be your exercise partner.

      The program also includes blood pressure checks, a mini wellness fair, and screenings. 150 Days to Wellness ends on July 2.