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      Welcome Center remains open 7 days a week

      With Michigan Department of Transportation's new "Adopt a Welcome Center" program, the Welcome Center in Marquette will now be able to stay open seven days a week.

      It's all thanks to a partnership between MDOT and the Marquette Convention and Visitor's Bureau that's providing extra staff to keep the Welcome Center open.

      "The tourism industry that's here goes all week. There's people that are travelling on the weekend, there's people that are travelling mid-week. So, it's very tough to figure out which days you want to close. This partnership allowed us to not have to do that," said MDOT director Kirk Steudle.

      There were originally budget cuts that would have forced the Welcome Center to reduce their hours, but now with the extra staff and volunteers, the center will remain open week-long.

      In addition to the excitement about the hours of the Welcome Center, people are also happy about something else and that's the expansion of the Iron Ore Heritage Trail.

      The Iron Ore Heritage Recreation Authority is also partnered with MDOT, and thanks to a $1.1 million grant, they're able to connect Marquette and Negaunee with a new leg of the trail.

      "The local people understand that not everybody drives a car, and they do use other modes of transportation, and there are funds that the Department of Transportation that we use to build these trails. So, we're very thankful that we have them as a partner," said Iron Ore Heritage Recreation Authority member Carol Fulsher.

      To learn more about the Welcome Center, click here.