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      Welcome home CPL Randy Smith

      Family and friends gathered today to welcome home Corporal Randy Smith from Afghanistan.

      "I remember getting hit, I remember going through the air, but I don't remember much after thatâ?? said CPL Randy Smith.

      When Corporal Randy Smith's convoy was hit by an IED in Afghanistan, Sheila Smith never knew if she would see her son again.

      "Heâ??s my life; I don't know what I would do if he didn't come homeâ?? said Sheila Smith, Randyâ??s mother.

      But today the community in Long Lake welcomed Randy home from his first tour of duty. He came in on a freedom ride of motorcycles and fire engines all the way from Iron Mountain. After welcoming Randy, his mother and uncle gave speeches thanking the community for their support and sharing their stories.

      "It feels just wonderful having my cousin home and back from Afghanistan and knowing he's safeâ?? said Kalob Hepler, Randyâ??s cousin.

      Randy is still on active duty and will return to North Carolina on June 25, but plans on enjoying his time at home by going fishing with family and friends.

      "It's the best feeling ever, I can't even describe it, it's incredibleâ?? said Gabrielle Smith, Randyâ??s wife. â??Just doing everyday husband and wife things means the most to me."

      â??Itâ??s been a journey, but we got our boy homeâ?? said Sheila Smith.

      Two weeks ago Randy was also presented with the Purple Heart medal.