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      Well known bridge faces inspection

      The Michigan Department of Transportation is inspecting the Portage Lake Lift Bridge.

      The bridge is over 50 years old, but MDOT says because the bridge receives all of the proper maintenance, there are no major concerns, and the lift bridge is in very good condition.

      This detailed inspection occurs every five to eight years, and specialists perform a full mechanical, electrical, and structural inspection.

      MDOT officials say it's a machine, so wear can happen within the structure, and when it lifts, it gets lifted on cables, which are areas they're looking at to see how the structure is holding up.

      MDOT says in accordance with a permit from the U.S. Coast Guard, mariners will be required to give a 30-minute advance notice requesting the bridge to be opened during the inspection period. The inspection will last though Friday with one lane of traffic open in both directions.