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      Wells are at risk for freezing pipes

      This is the winter no â??yooperâ?? is ever going to forget.

      â??Right now we're seeing frosts already eight to nine feet in areas,â?? said Kleiman Pump and Well Drilling employee, Paul Langer. â??This year is a real tough year.â??

      With extremely deep frost lines, pipes are freezing all over the Upper Peninsula, and it's not just city lines if you've got a well, you're in the same predicament. This means busy work at Kleiman Pump and Well Drilling in Iron Mountain.

      â??Any area that's plowed when the frost can actually get down in the ground, any place that people are walking, any place where snow is removed off a driveway, the frost is just going to go down,â?? said owner, Erik Kleiman.

      They were out working at a business Monday afternoon digging down to the pipe to use hot water jetting techniques to thaw out the lines.

      â??A water line that's plastic or anything other than copper or metal, we can get in there and use some high pressure. If they've got a copper line, that can be done by somebody that's familiar with hooking a welder up to it,â?? Kleiman said.

      They say maintaining a consistent running of water can prevent freeze-ups, but itâ??s important to make sure it's not filling your septic tank too quickly. Kleiman also said there are some warning signs to look for.

      â??The first thing you're probably going to see is either discoloration in the water because the water line is going to freeze, and it's going to take some of the scale off inside the pipe. You might start to notice some ice chunks; you'll hear banging in your pipes,â?? Kleiman said.

      Itâ??s simply some preventative measures to use as we wait for the frost lines to rise and the spring to come, whenever that may be.