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      Western UP residents brave slushy, sloppy mess

      Why do we not choose to live on a tropical island after experiencing Fridayâ??s spring snowstorm?

      â??I ask people the same thing,â?? said Dickinson County resident, John Thomas. â??I love the snow, but it's spring time; the snow should be gone.â??

      It must be that our love for the UP trumps our hated for the winter; itâ??s why we survive and thrive in an icy, frozen tundra for months out of the year. Most of the Upper Peninsula got hit hard with the blizzardy blast that left areas like Dickinson County blanketed with snow on top, but with an underlying evil of frozen slush below. You were brave to brace the sloppy mush of an enemy on the roads, but believe it or not, one resident was brave enough to bike the roads. After all, he said he just had to get his morning coffee.

      â??It don't bother me,â?? said biker, Michael Larson. â??I like it, I don't mind it.â??

      As for John, he didn't even bother dealing with much removal of the heavy precipitation.

      â??I cleaned off the vehicle, that was about it,â?? Thomas said.

      The blizzard hit Iron Mountain hard in the morning and tapered off by early afternoon. The problem, however, is that the precipitation was mostly slushy, heavy, and wet snow. This means the roads could be a very ice mess once the slush freezes.

      â??I love the UP, though I hate it sometimes,â?? Thomas said.

      Itâ??s safe to assume John isn't alone in his frustrations with the UP winter. Itâ??s a love-hate relationship with the weather that some people in the United States will never get to experience. We should count ourselves lucky that the Upper Peninsula never gives us a boring day.