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      Westwood High School gets security cameras

      NICE Community Schools is in the process of upgrading security at their schools. They're focusing on making the building safer in a number of areas.

      Workers are reconstructing doors and adding surveillance cameras. It's all part of a project to enhance security at Westwood High School and Aspen Ridge Elementary.

      "It'll just make things a lot safer so that there aren't any random people coming in and out of the school," said Trevor Burke, student.

      The project has always been part of the master plan, but after last year's shooting in Connecticut, school officials felt it necessary to increase safety as soon as possible.

      Crews will reconstruct every exterior door, replace doors and install 32 cameras in each building.

      "All the entrances for sure. Hallways, major areas like the cafeteria, the gyms, and strategic spots around the building," said Brian DeAugustine, Superintendent.

      Once the project is completed, exterior doors will be locked during the school day. One of the main areas of concern is the main entrance because of its blind spot. Now visitors will have to check in at the main office. The wall will soon have a glass door so administrators will see who enters and leaves the building.

      The upgrades cost around $500,000. They're funded through a sinking millage.

      "I see people coming in and out of Westwood, and they will just go to the classroom and look for their kid. But I think it's good that they're checking in and that there's more securities cameras because now we know who's coming into our school, and there won't be random intruders," said Benjamin Luttinen.

      More than half of the project should be completely by the start of school.