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      Westwood seniors start college courses

      Students from Westwood High School officially started dual enrollment courses with Northern Michigan University on Monday.

      Some seniors are taking English 111, an NMU course now offered at WHS.

      "I heard about En111 and I really, really like English, and I decided to take that class along with the high school class I was taking. It just sounded like a fun course," said Gabi French, student.

      "A lot of things that are in En111 we teach here, but there is a composition component that's kind of creative writing and personal essay, which is a little different from what they've done. So, that's a new thing I think," said BG Bradley, teacher at WHS.

      It's all part of a fairly new partnership between the high school and NMU. They offered Precalculus and Calculus last semester and since it was so successful, they've expanded. This semester students can take Economics, English, and Math courses.

      "They get introduced to college courses that will give them the opportunity to see what that's all about. With the dual enrollment courses, the tuition is free," said Bryan DeAugustine, Superintendent of NICE Community Schools.

      All of the courses are taught right at the high school with teachers that already work at school. Some of the courses, like economics, are hybrids where students will have lectures in class but also submit work online.

      "I'll be taking Probability and Statistics, and I'm hoping I will do well because I want to be in the math field in the future," said Megan Chapman, student.