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      Westwood Shakespeare company presents As You Like It

      As You Like It tells the story of various love triangles.

      It starts after Rosalind gets banished to the Forest of Arden by her uncle to find her true love, Orlando.

      "She is really quick with her emotions. One minute she will be sad and the next she will be happy, funny and running around like a five year old," said Miranda Roose, who plays Rosalind.

      However, she dresses up as a man to survive in the jungle.

      "Doesn't really work out well because everybody knows her secret, except her, because she's so out of it. She's so in love with him that she acts like a girl around him when she doesn't realize it," said Roose.

      Rosalind also brings her best friend and servant, Touchstone, with her.

      The play has a modern feel to it. To add to the humor, characters are either from the Renaissance era, the '70s, or are hippies.

      Love triangles get more quirky when Touchstone falls in love with a shepherdess.

      The character of Touchstone has a Groucho Marx comedic style.

      "It started off with me trying to be funny. Then, I had to watch all these videos of Groucho Marx and finally I think I got him. I even have a fake cigar," said Anthony Webb, who plays, Touchstone.

      The play will be performed in a black box setting, so the audience will be on stage as well.

      "It will be a new experience for them, so it feels like they are right in the midst of it. So that will be a fun for them, and it gives the actors a new perspective as well," said Francois Montburn, Assistant Director.

      Expect to see four love triangles and shenanigans. It's happening at Westwood High School April 16, 17 and 24. Tickets prices: Adults $7 Students $5