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      Wet weather drops in for the weekend

      A strengthening low pressure system is approaching the Great Lakes region from the west. Severe weather looks to threaten many areas in the central and southern Plains today. Overall, Upper Michigan will only have to worry about rain on Saturday and Sunday.

      Some folks in the southern plains saw heavy rainfall from this storm, picking up almost two inches of rain in portions of Oklahoma yesterday. Click here to see an image showing how most of this rain should fall over the weekend. Notice how the darker purple and red colors stay to our south, indicating the heaviest rains will likely be over downstate Michigan, Wisconsin, into northern Illinois, and eastern Iowa.

      Still, south & eastern U.P. locations like Menominee, Escanaba, and Manistique could receive around an inch to two inches of rain by Monday morning. Most of the rain should arrive on Sunday.

      Over on the northwestern end of the Upper Peninsula, rain amounts look much slimmer. So, it'll mainly be a cloudy weekend with much smaller chances for rain in locations like Houghton and Ironwood.

      Besides the rain, our temperature pattern will be milder than recent. Instead of the chilly lower and middle forties like the last few days, high temperatures should get much closer to normal middle October readings: near 50 over the weekend and then into the middle 50s by next Tuesday.

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