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      We've seen windier, Sandy

      At Presque Isle, ten-foot-high waves have roared in from Lake Superior for much of Tuesday.

      Strong north winds have been gusting upwards of 40 and 50 mph in the northern Upper Peninsula, making traveling on the roadways tough. And it's the same story for all of the Great Lakes region.

      From Big Bay to Whitefish Point, giant waves crashed on the shoreline. "There might be some minor beach erosion and flooding along the lakeshore," said National Weather Service Meteorologist Todd Kluber.

      At Sandy's strongest on Monday, tropical storm force winds extended about 500 miles outward from the storm's center. But as windy as it's been, the U.P. has seen windier. "Last year we had a large event at the end of September that actually we saw winds well over 50 mph," said Kluber. "It's just this storm is much bigger in magnitude and covering much more of the United States. So, it's garnering a lot more attention."

      Strong winds should continue through Tuesday night. The gusty conditions will begin diminishing Wednesday into Wednesday night, becoming much calmer by Friday.