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      What are effective diet plans?

      For our Facebook Story of the Day many of you wanted to know what types of effective diet plans are out there. What works and what doesn't work when trying to lose weight?

      Experts say there are many different types of diet plans that work if used correctly. The trick to any diet plan is to enjoy your food, but eat less. Avoid oversized portions and snack wisely.

      Cut back on sugars and sodium, and make at least half of your plate fruits and vegetables.

      Experts say most diet pills solve short term weight problems and don't provide lasting results. Skipping meals or binge eating does not work.

      "Stick with what you're comfortable eating, not everything works for everybody," said Dietician Laura Gauthier. "Always check with your doctor first before starting any diet plan. Eating sensibly, eating healthy, making small gradual lifestyle changes will be your best success."

      Experts say that at the end of the day, healthy food and exercise is the best option.