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      What are some gifts for gals?

      Sometimes a guy can put a lot of thought into a Christmas gift for the special woman in his life, but at the end of the day, he might not get the reaction he wanted.

      I bought a girl a Shake-Weight last year and needless to say, that didn't go over too well. So I figure this year I better get a woman's perspective on the proper gift.

      The non-obvious," said Sales Executive Jessica Kaad. "Jewelry's way too easy. Put a little thought into it. Spa packages, the unique gift."

      OK so jewelry is out. I did, however, hear a recurring theme amongst every gal I talked to: massages. There's one I never thought of. Amber Rayz boutique in Iron Mountain offers massages.

      There's also quite a few spas in town including the 323 Salon and the Savage Mane. And a handwritten poem will add a special touch. Another one I learned that isn't just for Valentine's Day is to buy her chocolates.

      It's quick, easy to pick up, we always have them available and they're festive, said Andrea Moratti.

      And let TMs be honest, who doesn't love chocolate? But sometimes the simplest of gifts can go a long way.

      A nice getaway with my husband to a movie and dinner, said Jennifer Thelander.

      So whether it's chocolates or a trip to Hawaii, get creative this year.