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      What are some winter comfort foods?

      Surviving a winter in the Upper Peninsula requires toughness...and comfort food.

      Leslie Cory is a professor in the Hospitality Management program at Northern Michigan University. The chef explained her definition of a comfort food.

      "Comfort foods really derive from your own childhood," said Cory. "Certain types of ethnic foods that speak to you. What mom made."

      Cory said comfort foods are defined by nostalgic aromas and textures, like "creaminess and smoothness." There are some standard favorite comfort foods for winter time.

      "Macaroni and cheese, meat loaf and mashed potatoes," Cory said. "Certainly anything chocolate: chocolate cake, chocolate pudding. A lot of people would consider their mom's pasties a comfort food as well."

      Shepherd's pie was one of several comfort foods that Cory's students cooked up on Friday.

      "I always see everyone loves apple pie, always warm with ice cream," said hospitality student Rebecca Allen. "And a lot of stews. Chili is a really big one, especially around here."

      Facebook fans of TV6 and FOX UP contributed some of their favorite comfort foods from local businesses. Katie Stanaway wrote, "Crazy Joe's Salsa on burgers, pizza, chili, it's perfect for winter days like these!" And Michelle LaMere likes, "Cheese and beer soup from Jasper Ridge Brewery!"

      Cory's favorite comfort foods to create are soups.

      "I make a pea soup that has turned pea soup haters into pea soup lovers," she said.