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      What are the options for recycling?

      Many townships may provide options for recycling, but residents without choices can bring it to Waste Management in Marquette.

      "Wednesdays between 2:30 and 6:30, and for $4.50 approximately, you could take all the recycling you want and put it in our compactor," said Mark Harrick, WM District Manager.

      Businesses face paying more for a dumpster that WM would come and empty. However, Harrick thinks it can be worth every penny.

      "Help save the landfill and extend the life of it," Harrick said. "Also bring that green product back into the world by recycling."

      For those wanting to recycle and save a company, Escanaba does it at no charge.

      "People can come in, we unload them and it's super simple and there's really no need to go put it in a landfill," said Jim Smith, President of SGT's Recycling.

      The company, which opened two years ago and is completely run by veteran staff, takes the products, breaks them down and recycles them.

      "We'll take your beds, your old furniture, your computers; not too much we won't take," Smith added.