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      What are your New Year's Eve traditions?

      While we may not all understand the words or the meaning to the song "Auld Lang Syne,â?? we can agree that New Year's Eve is a time for celebration with friends and family. But aside from simply looking back on the year gone by, what are some yearly traditions residents celebrate for this holiday?

      â??Weâ??re going to a friendâ??s house for the second annual New Year's Eve House Party,â?? said Iron Mountain resident, Keith Hanson. â??We usually start the night playing games and the kids are on the Wii and we're playing Scrabble. Around 11 p.m. we'll kick the TV on and get ready for the ball drop. We don't sing, but we do have champagne and wine.â??

      Our Facebook fans posted some of their favorite New Yearâ??s Eve traditions:

      Sandy Nevling: â??I play Monopoly with my kids and watch the ball drop. At midnight, the kids go outside to beat pots and pans yelling â??Happy New Year!â??â??

      Tina Aldred: â??The Three Stooges Marathon.â??

      Megan Pope: â??A quiet evening at home with a few family members or friends. Visit, play games and cribbage, enjoy some appetizers, and have some sparkling juice at midnight as we watch the ball drop on TV.â??

      Bob Illikainen: â??Beer!â??

      New Year's Eve nights don't always mean nights in; the Pine Mountain Ski Resort is one spot planning a jam-packed night of festivities and skiing.

      â??The lifts will run from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. that day with lights out at about 7:15 p.m. and our Torch Parade at 7:30 p.m.,â?? said Pine Mountain Sales Manager, Beth Chanlynn. â??Several members of our staff, ski instructors, ski patrol, all take the last ride up on the lift at night and we turn all the lights out on the hill and everybody skis down with torches in their hands and it's a beautiful parade to watch.â??

      To see more comments on New Year's Eve traditions or to post your own, be sure to visit our Facebook page. From TV6 and FOX UP to all of you, we wish you a very fun and safe New Yearâ??s Eve and a prosperous year to come.