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      What caused the school closings?

      The wet Friday morning weather caused some concern for travelers, including those on their morning commute to work and school. Several school closings and delays have been issued in Upper Michigan. But why?

      Overnight, temperatures were near freezing. And, as areas of light rain developed over Upper Michigan early Friday morning, this allowed some of the rain to freeze as it made contact with the ground.

      Roads became slippery thanks to the freezing rain. Light ice accumulations settled especially on untreated roads and sidewalks. Many main highways were treated to prevent icing. So, the majority of Upper Michigan didn't see travel problems.

      Primarily, secondary roads remained icy during the morning. Students that lived off of the backroads faced the toughest travel difficulty. And to add to the slippery road surfaces, fog reduced visibility down to a quarter of a mile in the central Upper Peninsula.

      Temperatures will rise to near 40 degrees today. As it slowly warms up, the potential for freezing rain and icy roads will come to an end this afternoon. The fog may not subside until Saturday.