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      What did the ghost hunters find?

      Wednesday night, the Calumet Paranormal team went on an investigation to find out if the claims of the haunted Calumet Colosseum were true. After the investigation, the team had to review all of the evidence. â??I wasnâ??t experiencing too much while I was there, but that doesnâ??t mean there wasnâ??t anything going on, and it was at the very end of the investigation, right after I told you that I just got this feeling, and I felt I wasnâ??t alone. I could feel this presence around me,â?? said Gina Olawale, Calumet Paranormal team member. And speaking of feeling a presence, the team recovered some unexplained pictures and audio. The picture is of a figure who the team is calling the shadow man. â??Itâ??s in the doorway. The shadow person is standing right here,â?? said John Grathoff, founder of Calumet Paranormal. They also found electronic voice phenomena (EVP), recordings of what sounded like someone talking. â??Wow, I heard it! Yep so did I,â?? said the team. During the investigation, John asked the ghost for its name, and after further review, the team said it sounded like the ghost said its name was Michael. John also did a knock pattern on the wall. When they played the recording back, a light tapping noise could be heard. The team played back an audio clip of what they said sounded like someone whistling a circus theme. After further research, the team found out that the Calumet Colosseum dates back to 1913, and at one time a circus or carnival was held inside. Could this explain the whistle? Could the shadow man be Michael or was it the whistler who worked the carnival? "I would like to go back to do a little more investigating, but I do feel like there is definitely something there,â?? Olawale said. The Calumet Paranormal team feels they have plenty of evidence to deem the building they recently investigated haunted. Now the question is: are you a believer based upon what you have seen and heard or will you remain a skeptic? If you are interested in finding out more about the Calumet Paranormal investigators, click here.