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      What do guys want for Christmas?

      Many men stress over what to buy their wives or girlfriends for Christmas. But how do women know what their guys really want or don't want at all?

      When it comes to buying your guy a Christmas gift, are there really a lot of ways to go wrong?

      One year I got my husband a baby blue hoodie, said Katie Hansen, co-owner of Gamers Universe in Escanaba, and he hated it. He just hated it. He never ended up wearing it."

      The general consensus was to go practical. Think about power tools, wrenches, and screwdriver sets.

      About a dozen women have purchased cordless power tools for their husbands and sons this month at T & T True Value Hardware. And it's making a lot of men's Christmas wish lists because it's simple to operate and can be used on hundreds of projects around the home.

      But movies and video games are popular guy gifts, too. The owners of Gamers Universe say a popular Christmas seller at the store is RetroN 3. You can play regular Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis on it.

      But what else do men want?

      I want a plane ticket to someplace warm," said James Viau of Gladstone.

      We asked people on Twitter if they would prefer technology, outdoors gear, or home improvement items.

      "Tech, tech, tech! Home improvement is not a gift, it is a demand to do work," said @JamesClarkNYC. "And it is cold outside."

      But what gifts should you stay away from?

      I TMd definitely stay away from little trinkets and colognes, said Gladstone native Halle Hartung, because you'll buy them what you want them to wear, but they probably don't like it."

      So is this true? Apparently so, according to Tim Hansen, owner of Gamers Universe.

      I, for one, do not like clothing. If you're going to buy your guy clothing, he probably would've already bought it. And then usually, when my wife buys me something, she buys me something that she wants me to wear, said Tim Hansen.

      If you're still not sure what to get your guy, the men and women polled said, just ask him. Either that, or get him a gift card you know he'll appreciate...and use.

      Here is what some of our Facebook fans said about shopping for guys:

      "Depends on the guy. My hubby wants ice fishing gear. And tools. I believe the majority of men would like nice power tools for Christmas." - Nicole Miela McConnell

      "Power tools...they want power tools. But guys, give us a loud hint as to what kind and what brand. As in, circle it in a flyer really big or drop in a conversation how much you love _____ brand power tools!" - Tami Leslie Westman.