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      What does it take to be a Michigan State Police Trooper?

      Dedication, integrity, and service are just a few of the words the Michigan State Police (MSP) uses to describe their current and future troopers.

      Over the past 38 years, thousands of men and women have started out as recruits and completed their training to become Michigan State Troopers.

      "This is our only academy, so it is 21 weeks out of their life that they're in Lansing," said Sergeant Michele Hernandez, recruiting and selection unit.

      Within those 21 weeks, recruits spend time training inside and outside of the facility. Recruits also spend time in the classroom, learning and studying state laws.

      To become a member of such an elite team, there is a selection process.

      "It's about a six month process to get though our selection process. It's 11 steps long so anyone that's interested, you only have to be 18 to take our entry level law enforcement exam, and even though you have to be 21 years old by the time you graduate from the recruit school, you could take the entry level law enforcement exam and your passing scores are good for five years," Hernandez said.

      Last year the MSP announced a new structure plan, reducing the number of posts across the state from 62 to 29. MSP said it helps the department achieve its $17.7 million general fund reduction for the 2012 fiscal year.

      Even with the reduction of posts, MSP is still looking for more recruits. They have found recruiting numbers from the U.P. are decreasing.

      "It has been going on low for the last year and a half/two years that we haven't received a lot of applicants or qualified applicants. I do a lot of the recruiting and the background investigating in the U.P. for applicants, and there has been a lack of interest," said Trooper Mark Giannunzio.

      This year, there are four Yoopers in the 125th recruit school.

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