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      What does it take to close a school?

      It's the third day in a row that many Upper Peninsula schools have closed due to cold weather, but how does it get determined if a school should be closed?

      "When the wind chills reach down in the negative 30s, we really have to consider closing just because of bus stops and children on the road. It's something that really concerns us," said Bryan DeAugustine, Superintendent of NICE Community Schools.

      Wind chills were hovering around thirty degrees below zero again Wednesday morning, continuing a streak of cold weather that has lasted for four days now.

      It isn't often that school is cancelled because of cold weather alone; usually there are other culprits involved.

      "It really is the impact on students that we want to take into account. Sometimes it's not even really about the amount of snowfall. It might be about blowing and drifting, visibility, those types of conditions. We have to take all of them into consideration," said Bill Saunders, Interim Superintendent of MAPS.

      There is no law that determines whether or not a school needs to close on any given day. It's up to each individual school district to make that decision.

      "Ultimately I make the decision, but I consult my transportation director and I talk to other superintendents to get a feel for what the weather is like east, west, north, and south of us, and then we make our decision based upon those factors," DeAugustine said.

      Every day a child is away from school, the child is missing out on his or her education, which is why the state of Michigan only allows for six snow days per year. After that, extra days need to be made up, and those usually get tacked on at the end of the year, meaning a shorter summer vacation.