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      What exactly is proper cell phone etiquette?

      Proper cell phone etiquette is pretty much common sense. Don't talk too loud when you TMre in a public place and near others. Put your phone on silent at the movie theater. And make sure your phone doesn't ring at church.

      It's very important because it's a place of prayer, explains Father Eric Olson of St. Joseph & St. Patrick Church in Escanaba. It TMs a place where people come to escape from the communications from the outside and to communicate with God.

      So what does Father Olson do when a call interrupts mass?

      If it happens repeatedly, sometimes I TMll just stop and it brings attention to that," said Father Olson.

      It's easy to follow proper cell phone etiquette if you remember one word: respect.

      Avoid texting during face-to-face conversations with others.

      Bill Buckland posted on our Facebook page: "I always think it's rude when you're on a date with a girl and they're texting or surfing the Internet and ignoring the one they're with."

      And be mindful of annoying or loud ringtones.

      Libraries are know to be quiet. The Escanaba Public Library allows cell phone use. They say they haven't had many issues. Most people are responsible and mindful of when they should take the conversation outside.

      So what's the rule of when to take a call?

      Basically, it boils down to this: I shouldn't answer it when I TMm with them, said Pasqua Warstler, Visual Arts and Education Director at the Bonifas Arts Center. But I should always answer it when they call. The cell phone is a new technology for me. I never had a mother who said, ~Do this; don TMt' do that on cell phones. TM It's new and I TMm just feeling my way around."

      When you're near others, keep the conversation short. And excuse yourself before taking the call.

      Michigan State Police added a law enforcement perspective on the topic of cell phone etiquette. They remind drivers that it's best to pull over to the shoulder of the road if you're going to use your cell phone. And of course, whatever you do, don TMt text and drive. It's illegal, and a first offense will get you a $100 fine.

      We also asked some of our Facebook fans what some of their pet peeves are when it comes to cell phone usage. Here is what you had to say:

      Trying to have a conversation with someone and they are more interested in texting someone else. I will usually text them "will that work for you?" or something like that just to get their attention and make them realize they are being rude. - Heather Simpson Alstrom

      Public restrooms, it is not just rude it is crass! - Christie Linaker Parsley

      Oh yes, talking on a cell phone while at a checkout! So rude! - Vicki Hamari