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      What happened to Derrick Ray Henagan?

      On August 4, 2008, Derrick Ray Henagan was reportedly seen by a friend walking across M-135 in Newberry, into the woods to meet his estranged girlfriend. He was never seen again. Henagan had been staying at his friend Denny Murdock's house. According to Murdock, Henagan left there around 4 p.m.

      "Over time. a lot of interviews have been done, scenes checked, searches done, and to this day, there is no information as to where he is," said Detective Sgt. Richard Rule.

      In the days leading up to his disappearance, investigators say Henagan didn't want to be seen due to an outstanding warrant for traffic violations. Police say he was trying to leave Newberry.

      "We thought he's just going to show up. He's trying to hide from the law, and he'll show up down state. He'll get arrested, contacted by law enforcement; at this point, three years later, Derrick Henagan is missing, because something happened," Rule explains.

      Investigators now question if Henagan really made it into those woods. Why? Because his estranged girlfriend claims she never went to meet him there.

      This leads Rule to speculate, was there an accident? Was there some kind of misuse of drugs? Was there an overdose? Did something happen that led to his demise at that residence?"

      Rule says he believes those questions can be answered.

      "Someone knows. People have come forward, have provided information, maybe only partial information. I think that's the difficult part, that we don't have evidence, we don't have it...right now."

      If you have any information about what happened to Derek Ray Henagan, you are asked to contact the Michigan State Police immediately at (906) 293-5152.