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      What happens when you get pulled over for drunken driving?

      It's easy to order up a DUI. Just get behind the wheel buzzed and you're busted.

      And after a night in jail, the headache isn't over. The average cost of fees between the court, the state, and the attorney can be anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, a fine that doubles if your blood alcohol level is above .17.

      "If you compare the costs of drunk driving and the cost of getting a cab, you can take a stretch limo home and be way ahead dollar-wise," said Defense Attorney Karl Numinen.

      But before you head to court, you have to go through the police procedures. Here's how it works:

      Under Michigan law, called 'Implied Consent', a police officer can pull you over for any suspicious behavior. If you show signs of impairment, you will have to go through the Field Sobriety Test.

      "Their eyes, if they had been drinking, might appear blood shot, glazed over, glossy," said Michael Archocosky, a Marquette police officer.

      If you fail the tests, you're arrested and on your way to booking.

      "We ask them to provide two breath samples into the data master, or as people know it, the breathalyzer," Archocosky said.

      Blowing above .08 takes you to the fingerprints station and mugshot session. And while settling your case in court can take up to six months, some consequences can last several years. Turns out, many employers have a zero tolerance for any alcohol-related offenses.

      "If you get convicted of drunk driving and you have any kind of professional license, an occupational license, commercial drivers license, all those things that you don't ordinarily think of are affected," Numinen said.

      On Facebook, Deb Sobolewski wrote: "Those that bemoan the financial hardships of the penalties once caught and convicted need to talk to family members of those killed by a drunk driver. Those victims are gone forever and no amount of money will bring them back."