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      What is freedom?

      Criminal Justice students at Northern Michigan University were treated to a visit from a special guest.

      Former Drug Enforcement Administration Agent Judy McCarver led a lecture focused on freedom in our country, and what it really means to be free to individuals. McCarver said she wanted the students to gain a better understanding of general liberties in a global and historical context.

      The types of rights we currently have in the U.S. were discussed and if they are taken for granted.

      McCarver claims everything that occurs in everyday life impacts our freedom and our view of it.

      "There's an inherit dilemma in placing free society. And there's a constant tension between enforcing the law and protecting people's rights. And we protect people's rights in order to enforce the law. And if we enforce the law, there's an infringement on people's rights. And so I think the challenge is, is how do you approach that?" said McCarver.

      Students said they felt the lecture opened their eyes to different ways of thinking about the liberties our nation enjoys.