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      What is happening with the KBIC gas station in Marquette Township?

      In 2011, the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community announced plans to build a new gas station off of US-41, but what is the status of that venture?

      According to the township supervisor, the KBIC has not yet filed an application to place the land into trust, which would allow the station to not pay state taxes and be able to sell gas at a lower cost.

      KBIC officials have been meeting with the supervisor, but there are still no confirmed plans.

      "We continue to have the conversation, and our standpoint as Marquette Township, we'll sit down and talk with anybody," said Marquette Township Supervisor Dennis Liimatta. "We're very pro-business here, and we have somebody who is interested in opening up a business then we will certainly have those conversations."

      The KBIC could not be reached for comment on their plans.

      Many are in favor or against the station. On Facebook, Michelle says "why not, if they are willing to keep the prices down? I am tired of all these stations in the U.P. with the ridiculous gas prices! I will definitely be one of their first customers."