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      What is pageantry really about?

      It was just this past weekend when two women were crowned Miss Upper Peninsula USA and Miss Upper Peninsula Teen USA, and they have already been busy integrating themselves further into the community in a positive way.

      "Pageantry means finding out who you are on the inside, versus just on the outside. Also, figuring out how confident and beautiful you are, and just finding out how strong you are inside and out," said Miss Upper Peninsula USA 2013 winner Kaylyn Kutchie

      Pageant Director for Miss Upper Peninsula USA and Miss Upper Peninsula Teen USA Jennifer Skogman-Wagner says she produced the pageant to give women here in the Upper Peninsula the opportunity to shine, and be more involved in the community.

      "I believe that pageantry is really about helping others. It's about finding who you are as an individual, and showing others that you know, I'm not perfect, I'm just like everybody else, and I'm confident and I can be a leader, even though I'm a regular person," said Skogman-Wagner.

      Skogman-Wagner says many people have misconceptions about pageantry in its entirety, most believing it is a world of fake hair and eyelashes, and world peace.

      However, she says that is far from the truth.

      She says the women who win pageant titles win because they are excellent role models for society, and possess spectacular leadership skills.

      Miss Upper Peninsula USA 2013 winner Kaylyn Kutchie was crowned over the past weekend, and she says her world has been turned upside down, but in a very good way.

      "I just heard my name and I just remember hearing the audience's applause, and starting to cry right away. It was just insane, It was very memorable. It's a moment I'll never forget, and I am very honored and excited. I was just caught up in the moment. It was crazy," said Kutchie.

      Kutchie says since participating in the pageant, her confidence level has sky-rocketed, and she feels more empowered as a successful member of society.

      Something most pageant girls say you should remember is, they're not just a pretty face. They do a lot for the community.

      "I love getting involved with my community, especially my church. And helping out with the youth any way that I can. I love doing little things like this, like waking up to come walk dogs, or going downstate to crown the next Miss Lake State," said Kutchie.

      Skogman-Wagner says both Kutchie and Miss Upper Peninsula Teen USA Iris Robare will make numerous appearances throughout their reigns, including various community services and causes they feel passionate about.