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      What is the economic impact of national parks?

      A recent study by the National Park Service indicated that the Keweenaw National Historical Park brought in about $10 million to the Copper Country in 2011.

      The study done by Michigan State University and the National Park Service analyzed the spending of visitors to national parks across the country. The estimated $10 million brought in supported about 100 jobs in the area as well.

      The study shows that 63 percent of visitor spending supported jobs in lodging and food service. The Keweenaw National Historical Parks Service says visitor spending isn't the only source for boosting the local economy.

      "The park's general operating budget typically contributes about $1.4 million to the local economy every year," said Park Ranger Tom Baker. "We do that through permanent positions here as well as seasonal positions."

      To see the full report by the National Park Service, click here.