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      What items are found in a meth dump site?

      The Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team released a list of items to look out for in the case of meth dumpsites and some of the dangers of the chemicals involved.

      Chemicals used in methamphetamine production and the discarded components can be highly explosive and ignite upon coming into contact with oxygen, according to UPSET. Officials say that if you discover items listed below, do not touch them because they can be highly flammable and create an acid that burns the skin.

      - Plastic bottles with light brown or pink sludge inside- Paint thinner, Coleman brand camp fuel, HEET gas line de-icer- Lithium batteries and pipe cutters or pliers used to break them open- Liquid Drano or other brands containing Lye- Ammonia nitrate- Pseudoephedrine, Walphed, Sudafed- Muriatic acid, aluminum foil

      Police say that if you discover these types of items, call 911 immediately and stay away from them. The items might look like common household products, but they can be very dangerous.