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      What makes Crossfit unique?

      It can be hard to stay motivated to get in shape. The gym can be boring and repetitive, but what about Crossfit?

      "It's challenging, it's fun, and itâ??s in an atmosphere that is supportive" said Jennifer Hill, Crossfit athlete.

      Crossfit is constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement. This means you are constantly doing different things and not focusing on just one aspect.

      â??Our specialty is not to specialize in any certain area, weightlifting, cardioâ?? said Nichole Asgaard, Crossfit Trainer. â??We hit it all in one workout usually.â??

      Crossfit separates itself from the typical workout because it is done in a group setting. Some of the workouts can even be done in as little as 20 minutes.

      "The comradery here is fantasticâ?? said Asgaard. â??You get support from everybody. The hardest thing about Crossfit is walking in the door."

      No two workouts are the same. When you come in, a workout of the day, or W.O.D., is posted on the wall.

      "It is different because it is done with the support of group atmosphere and the workouts are variedâ?? said Hill. â??I have gained strength and confidence in completing more difficult tasks and learning new things here that have carried over into the rest of my life."

      If you are unsure whether Crossfit is for you, think about the amount of one-on-one instruction you want.

      "Personal training that we do is more personalizedâ?? said Brian Claus, co-owner and personal trainer at Synergy Fitness. â??We look at your goals. We will talk to you about what you are trying to achieve and we create a systematic approach to achieve that goal in a specific amount of time."

      "Crossfit is not for everybodyâ?? said Asgaard. â??I say give it a try, you will know in the first one or two sessions whether you like it or not. It is just what type of exercise program you choose to do."

      For more information on Crossfit 906, visit their website.