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      What products are made in the Upper Peninsula?

      For Facebook Friday, TV6 and FOX UP Facebook fans wanted to know more about products made in the Upper Peninsula.

      Since 1979, Jean Kay's Pasties in Marquette has been cooking up a food that is a U.P. staple.

      "First thing people do when they come home is they get a pasty," said the owner of Jean Kay's, Brian Harsch. "Kind of our flagship that's been over the last 20 years has been the veggie pasty, because it's unique."

      In the early 1980s, owner Brian Harsch started shipping out his product. Now they use styrofoam boxes and freezer packs to keep the pasties frozen for 72 hours. Over 25 percent of their business last month came through shipping.

      A 12-pack of Jean Kay's pasties is $56 plus shipping costs. They are delivered to every corner of the country, including Hawaii and Alaska.

      "We've shipped to Alaska many times," Harsch said. "And the cost just to get the pasties there is about three times what the cost is for the pasties, and that amazes me, that somebody's willing to pay three times more to receive my product. That's a good feeling."

      "To look at where we ship pasties to and how many times a year that we ship them to the same people, it kind of reassures me that what we're doing is right," he added.

      Another product that is distributed widely is Trenary Toast, produced at the Trenary Home Bakery. The crunchy, cinnamon bread has been made for over 75 years.

      "Somebody grew up on it, grandma had it at her house, they dunked it in their coffee every morning," said owner, Maureen Webber.

      The Trenary Home Bakery distributes its products at stores across the U.P. and also ships them to retailers around the country.

      Many individuals also order the products. The shipping of Trenary Toast took off in 1998. That part of their business has grown by 30 percent in the last year.

      "We're using the Facebook page, and we have a website, and we have a QR code now, so you can scan it right to your smart phone, and it takes you right to the website," Webber said.

      Their most popular item to ship is gift boxes. They can be customized and can include locally made syrup and Keweenaw Kitchen jams.

      "The biggest order I think we get every year, there's a gentleman from Arizona, and he calls and he orders 22 gift boxes every Christmas because every member of his family gets one," Webber said.

      As long as the toast stays in its brown paper bag, it has a shelf life of nine months.

      "It's just a U.P. thing, you know, a Trenary thing," Webber said. "It's been here forever."

      On the TV6 and FOX UP Facebook page, many fans shared their favorite U.P. products.

      Here is a long list of items that are made in the Upper Peninsula.