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      What should you do if you're confronted by a bear?

      Dean Oswald runs the Oswald Bear Ranch in Newberry.

      He's bottle-fed almost all of the 26 black bears at the ranch since they were infants.

      He says the average black bear in the woods will not confront you unless it is sick or feels its cubs are threatened.

      He says the best thing to do is to make as much noise as possible and use your body to make yourself appear as big as possible while holding your ground.

      Oswald says 99% of bears will run away; however he says its important not to underestimate their strength.

      "I weigh about 225 pounds, a bear my size, 225 pounds probably has five times the strength, they've got tremendous, unbelievable strength," Oswald says.

      Oswald says if the bear does not run away, you're in a difficult situation.

      Yhe only advice he has is to attempt to climb a tree, although bears can climb trees about five times faster than humans.

      If you're confronted by a grizzly bear, these tips will not work as grizzly bears will attack no matter how you respond to the situation.