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      What to do with your car in the cold

      Cold temperatures can mean a very cold car. So what can you do to make sure your car is in tip top shape during winter?

      "If your car does start in the morning when it's zero or below, it's a very good idea to let the vehicle run before you start driving it. The fluids in it are so thick--the engine oil, transmission oils--if you give the cars a chance to warm up, there's much less stress on the vehicle overall," said Bob Frak, mechanic.

      You will also want to get a fresh oil change and make sure the fluids and the battery are checked.

      "Cold does put a stress on the battery. It does reduce its ability to hold a charge. If your battery's that marginal, it should be replaced," Frak said.

      Car batteries start at around $40 with a steady increase in price based on the size of the battery you need.

      "If a battery doesn't have any charge in it and it's completely dead, that means the electrolyte just turned to water and the water will freeze, and then if you do jump the vehicle, it's in danger of exploding," Frak said.

      Cars have become much more efficient, and mechanics say it is very important to keep the gas tank at least half full.

      "With the change in temperatures that you get inside the tank, there's less area for the moisture to condense on and then that condensation stays in the tank and accumulates as water," Frak said.

      Products are available to help remove water from the gas tank which cost around six dollars.