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      What to know about Proposal One

      One of the ballot initiatives that has created controversy downstate is Proposal One, a referendum on the state's Emergency Manager Law. Governor Snyder signed the law in March of last year.

      It grants the governor broad power to appoint an "Emergency Manager" to replace local government officials of financially struggling cities and school districts. A yes vote on this proposal would approve the law. A no would repeal it.

      Currently there are four cities in Michigan with emergency managers and three school districts, including the Detroit Public Schools. Supporters of the law say it helps struggling areas get back on track.

      "We think the safest thing to do is vote no, except for Proposal One, and that's to retain the emergency financial manager act that we think is working to protect Michigan citizens from occurring debt, and some local governments are having problems downstate," said Doug Rothwell of the Business Leaders of Michigan.

      Those who want the law repealed say it gives the executive branch too much power. In August, opponents of the law won a small victory after the Michigan Supreme Court ordered the law be put up for a vote this November.