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      What to use to repel mosquitos

      With warm, and wet weather comes mosquitos. In some wooded areas they're out in full force.

      "It's biting me. It got me. There it is," said Todd Kauppinen, Wilderness Sports.

      Choose your defense against those pesky mosquitos.

      In fact using bug spray is one of the most effective ways to keep them from biting you, and there are a variety of repellants for under $10.

      "Aerosol sprays, there's the liquid pump sprays. There's the wipe on that you just wipe on your skin. It comes in like a moist towelette. There's actually a wristband that you can put on that help repel insects," Kauppinen said.

      When it comes to choosing the right spray, there's some specifically for clothing, others for your skin each with a different amount of Deet inside.

      For those who don't like Deet they also have sprays with natural products.

      If you are going to be outdoors for a long periods of time try some netting.

      Whether it's fishing or gardening you might want to try a full bug suit which comes with pants, jacket, and even a field hat with some netting.

      To keep mosquitos farther away from a specific area try products like tiki torches and Citronella candles.

      "When you burn them their oil kind of evaporates and creates a cloud in the air. It's a smell that mosquitos try to avoid. It's been shown to work at least on small local scales," said Joe Parks, Lowes.

      Some people have even tried using the mosquito plant which contains Citronella, although not very effective.

      Another item you might want to have handy, a battery powered bug zapper which kills them on contact.