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      What will Houghton be like in 20 years?

      The city of Houghton has decided to revise its master plan which is a document that contains information on the cityâ??s development. It will be used as a guide for the next 20 years.

      â??People are coming into town to locate here and want to know where the city is going in the future. Whatâ??s the plan? If they want to buy a house in this neighborhood, they want to know what the plan for this neighborhood is. They can easily come down here and see that, and itâ??s important for us to get the public input right now,â?? said City Manager Scott MacInnes.

      Residents of Houghton gathered for a neighborhood workshop in Houghtonâ??s City Center to discuss some of the changes they would like to see.

      Some of the developments include zoning. The city says it has a lot of issues with rental houses, and it is working on ways to make the houses a better fit in the neighborhoods.

      â??Itâ??s nice to have a little demonstration like this of little projects that are going on and to see whatâ??s going on in the city, and we were just talking about traffic in the downtown area here and then through the loop at the end of Main Street,â?? said Houghton resident Paul Doskey.

      Since planning is in the beginning stages, Houghton is still waiting on more public opinion, but one thing the city is looking forward to is adding more pedestrian and bike paths. City Manager Scott MacInnes says pedestrian and bike traffic is increasing every year, and the city anticipates more people walking and biking.

      â??We need to make sure in the future weâ??re accommodating those issues,â?? MacInnes said.

      Neighborhood workshops are from 5 to 7 p.m. in City Center Council Chambers. March 20 is for West and Central Houghton residents and March 21 is for East Houghton and Portage Cove residents.

      If you would like a more detailed look into the future, click here .