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      What Works: an inside look at Marble Arms

      Marble Arms is a sight manufacturing business based out of Gladstone. They make front and rear sights for a variety of guns.

      Purchased mainly by Original Equipment Manufacturers, they are built into new guns or sent to distributors. They have expanded their line to include handgun and semi-automatic handgun sights.

      "With expanding our business into other areas in the gun industry, weâ??ll be needing more CNC operators and engineer-minded people,â?? said Craig Lauerman, President Marble Arms. â??We're developing more processes and procedures to work more efficiently so we can grow our business."

      They also have one patented item called Catch .22. It is a storage dispenser that holds 50 rounds of .22LR cartridges. It can also be used to speed-load tubular magazine rifles.

      â??It keeps your bullets clean and organized, and you can clip it on your belt or on your pocket to carry in the woods,â?? Lauerman said. â??It eliminates that old cardboard box with bullets everywhere and in your pockets or all over your pickup truck.â??

      The manufacturing process begins with computer programs that prove out the machine paths. This allows the company to see exactly what the part will look like prior to machining it. Then the coordinates are programmed, the iron is cut and polished, then finally,

      â??Thereâ??s an assembly line putting the white diamond notch piece in, the set screw, and then testing it for how it folds up and down,â?? Lauerman said. â??And then it gets put into a box and shipped out.â??

      Marble Arms has been in business for 122 years and is sold worldwide. For more information, visit Marble Arms website.