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      What's an easy, affordable method to cover up a tattoo?

      Life changes in many ways once you're tattooed. While most people don't regret their choice to get inked, there is a way to go back to your days least temporarily.

      But how do employers feel towards employees that have tattoos?

      OSF St. Francis shared their policy on tattooed employees.

      â??The policy on tattoos here is that we don't allow anything that's offensive,â?? explains Micki Murray, an HR Generalist at OSF. â??But people can have tattoos as long as they're covered."

      Officials say tattoos have never been an issue. In fact, they don't even know who's inked. Thatâ??s because tattoos stay hidden.

      â??First impressions are lasting impressions. And we felt that it was necessary to have a policy that said what our expectation is about the way you dress here," added Murray.

      Most of the people interviewed for the Behind the Ink special have tattoos in places that can be covered up.

      Mark Morehouse has plenty of tattoos but none on his forearms.

      â??Thatâ??s just for job reasons,â?? said Morehouse. â??A lot of professions look down or look differently on people with tattoos, so I want to avoid that."

      There's an easy, temporary way to cover up a tattoo. It's called airbrush tattoo cover-up. It's sweat proof and can take as little as five minutes to apply, of course, depending on the size of your tattoo.

      In the last year and a half that Tanâ??ology Skincare Salon in Escanaba has offered airbrush cover-up, about 30 people have gotten the procedure. None of them have been men. All have been women, and they were all in bridal parties.

      The temporary fix costs between $15 and $40.

      It's not just the customer who's satisfied.

      â??A lot of times it makes parents very happy,â?? said Tara Deno, owner of Tanâ??ology Skincare Salon. â??You know, they might not always be happy with the tattoos that their children have chosen. Itâ??s just nice because you can cover it up for the day and you can take a shower and then you can be right back to your old self."

      The business of airbrushing tattoos away is seasonal. Deno says she expects to book more appointments once the weather warms and wedding season rolls around.