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      What's that smell?

      Since July, some of the residents living near the Escanaba Paper Company have been complaining about a bad smell in the air.

      The paper mill said the smell is coming from their wastewater treatment plant.

      "The waste water treatment plant is an intricate part of the operations of the paper mill. We use an extensive amount of water in the paper making process and we treat our own water," said Jackie Pride, comunication and public relations manager.

      The mill also said they are addressing the issue and environmental engineers are monitoring the odor levels.

      A chemical is being added into the water to help reduce the smell.

      "We track every complaint we've received. We've received about 74 complaints this year which is a lot for this mill. We do take these complaints very seriously, and we are working very diligently to reduce the odor levels," Price said.

      Due to the size of the wastewater treatment plant, the paper mill said it will take some time to reduce the smell.

      Although the exact dollar amount spent on reducing the smell was not given, Pride said the amount is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

      If you would like to report an odor complaint, you can call (906) 233-2676. To learn more about the mill and the paper making process, click here.