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      What's the best type of snow shovel?

      The official start date of winter is December 21, 2013, but for people living in the Upper Peninsula, snow and snowstorms can start before the first official day of winter.

      For the November 15 Facebook Friday story, you wanted to know what's the best type of shovel to use when removing snow.

      "I'd recommend this yellow one or this blue one. This yellow one has a nice curved handle, therefore, when you go to pick it up, it's not going to necessarily hurt your back as much where this one may. It's mostly a preference thing where you'll have to buy both and try them," said Jeremy Wright.

      When it comes to what type of shovel you should use, Jeremy Wright, a pro service specialist at Lowe's, said it depends on the type of snow and where you are shoveling.

      "The small shovels that don't have much of a scoop are good for small pathways or decks or things like that where you're just sort of pushing it off or light throwing," Wright said.

      He also added, the bigger the shovel...the heavier the snow, and if you are using a larger shovel, when the snow is wet, take smaller scoops to save your back.

      "This one's for getting big scoops if you have to maybe reposition or you're working the end of a driveway," Wright said.

      When asked about the different type of shovels you use, on the TV6 and Fox Up Facebook page, Thaddeus Kozicki said, "Any shovel that you can handle and gets the stuff out of your way is the right one!"

      Caren Worel said, "Can't beat snow scoops. Been using them for 38 years."

      Owner David Allie of the Safety Store in Marquette said it is important to wear a safety vest while shoveling close to the road.

      "You do disappear when the snow blows and when people are driving by and putting snow in the air. Here are cleats to go on the bottom of your shoes. They're made so you can get extra traction on the ice out there. If you slip and break a hip, you've got a lot expenses coming and you're going to be down for the winter," said Allie.

      Allie also added the best way to prevent a back injury is to hire someone to shovel for you or use a snow blower.