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      What's the return policy?

      It's a common concern of both gift givers and receivers: having a problem-free experience returning gifts post-Christmas.

      "I'm in Marquette returning today," said shopper Josie Mashburn. "Hopefully we don't have any issues."

      Down Wind Sports' co-owner Bill Thompson believes itâ??s because customers may "guess wrong" on the size.

      "We work with them to find something that does fit," said Thompson.

      A 2011 survey said the most-returned items are:

      * Clothing* Toys, games and hobbies* Electronics, kitchen and bath items* Beauty and Cosmetics * Watches and jewelry"I check what the return policy is because I want to be able to return," admitted one shopper. "I'm not real confident in my gifts."

      Some retailers post their policies to avoid confusion."We try to state it as best we can with a formal declaration on the counters," explained Dennis Mingay, store manager of Getzâ??s Clothiers.

      And, many retailers, including Getz's, also post the information on their receipts.

      Retailers recommend:

      - Keeping the item clean- Returning it within 30 days- And, if possible, have your receipt.