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      When do you take down your Christmas decorations?

      Christmas is over, but a lot of people are trying to stay in the holiday spirit. Decorations play a big role in keeping that festive mood alive.

      Escanaba's Ludington Street was transformed with lights and real garlands a month before Christmas. Linemen put up 36 real garlands, and the Electric Department lit the lights the day after Thanksgiving.

      My wife and I took our daughters down there for the Christmas parade this year, explains Electric Superintendent, Mike Furmanski. And it's just nice to see. I know my kids really enjoy seeing them, and it just kind of puts everyone in the mood for Christmas."

      The garlands will be thrown away and the lights get stored the first or second week in January.

      When will some of our viewers take their decorations down?

      Mary McCormick wrote on our Facebook page, "I had everything down within an hour of waking up on the 25th...Our celebration was Christmas Eve. Most people have a hard time letting go. Me, I'm glad to get everything back to normal."

      And Sharon Tesch said, "I TMll keep them up through Epiphany. Then I take most down. But I keep some up year-round. I do live in Christmas you know."

      Many Escanaba businesses say decorations add a lot of sentimental value.

      Oh, it just makes the place warm, and it makes you feel the Christmas spirit," said Janet Bernson of the East Ludington Gallery.

      As for her own home, Bernson said she will keep her decorations up until the first week of January. It'll be the end of Holy Week and will also prolong the Christmas spirit at home.

      We're in so much of a hustle and bustle; we really don't get to appreciate it. And now I can sit and appreciate it so much more," Bernson said.

      Many of the people who wait to take down decorations until after the first week of January are waiting until the Christian feast day, Epiphany. Epiphany falls on Friday, January 6, 2012.