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      When should you hire an attorney?

      Whether you commit a crime or just want to get your estate in order, hiring an attorney who is well versed in the law may be the best decision.

      Susan Wideman-Schaible is an attorney for elder law and estate planning and recommends getting your affairs in order before something happens.

      "I think it sometimes ties into life events. When somebody becomes an adult, when they're 18 and all of a sudden they have rights or they have bank accounts or they may own property, it's time to think about, 'What if something happens to me, could other people step in and help me?'" said Wideman-Schaible.

      The same goes for older generations who own a home or have other assets.

      One common document you will need is a power of attorney. The signed document gives another person the legal authority to make decisions if you are sick. It also gives them control of your bank account in case your bills need to be paid. There is a fee when hiring an attorney.

      "My rate happens to be around $220. There may be people who are more or people who are less, and usually an attorney will give you a fee that says, I will do all of this work for a certain fee," Wideman-Schaible said.

      If it is a criminal case, attorney Derek Swajanen says it is very important to hire an attorney unless you want to represent yourself.

      When it comes to criminal matters, the cost of an attorney usually depends on the severity of the case.

      "A murder case, for example, or where there's a death involved, you're talking about cases that can go upwards of $30 or $40,000," said Swajanen.

      Both attorneys agree that it is important to find a lawyer that fits your need.